Tuesday, February 8, 2011

We're pulling him out....

I'm getting worried about Bert. We figured he would be fine finishing out high school. His house is only about a mile away from us, and he always has his phone on him. And while he's at school, well...safety in numbers, right? Anyways, little bugger saw the Problem today. During last class of the day, maths. Inside. Was just standing outside his classroom, he says. Nobody else seemed to notice. Freaked the kid out so much, he ran the whole mile or so from his bus stop here. Didn't think to call us or something, the idiot. Was pouring down rain. Now he's refusing to go to school anymore. Wants to just stay with us. We're debating whether we should force him, and just drive him ourselves. We still don't think anything will happen on school grounds.

Crap, the kid's sneezing. Think he caught a cold. Serves him right. Phone's on practically a fll charge, we would have picked him up.



  1. You guys shouldn't be worried about education right now. Honesltly, staying alive is just a tad more important than calculus. I'm pretty sure at least. A few questions.
    1) What is the Problem?
    2) What is a symptom?

  2. The Problem is what we call Him. Some of us are religous, and their religion calls God Him. It bothers them. Symptoms are Proxies. Hallowed quite a bit more so. Runners to a much smaller extent. Kind of our way of reminding ourselves what the bigger picture is, with Proxies and Hallowed running around. After all, treat the Problem, not the Symptoms, right? That's what the doctors like to say. Also, he's my brother. I feel I have the right to make him go. And we've got one of us stationed there at all times now, just in case. Usually Slide or myself. Guy's gotten attached since Bert rescued him. Besides, Bert was the one always telling us not to neglect education just because of the Problem.

  3. ~Angie

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