Wednesday, February 2, 2011

We're online

Well, we've finally made it online. We're the Watchers. South Florida edition. Some of you have probably heard of us, through word of mouth at the very least. We started up about a year ago. A few of us watched realized we lived in the same city, within fairly decent proximity. Then we started hearing stories of others. Others being watched. So we decided to do something. So we took a leaf right out of His book. And we watched. We've helped a few runners through our territory, and I like to think they're still surviving, but obviously not everybody keeps a blog. We didn't, for the longest time. But I digress. After helping a few runners through, and one or two falling in with us to help out, we finally decided it's time to go bigger. Netside, folks. Not sure if we really qualify as a "South Florida edition." As far as I 've seen we're the only edition. A few runners have mentioned to us that they've run into similar groups here and there, so...we're obviously not the only ones with this idea. Anyways. You need any info, safe havens, etc. down here, we're your folks. Drop us a line. We make it our job to stay informed.



  1. Safe havens, you say?
    Perfect. Because I'm in need of one of those.

    If you can please email me.
    By the way, I'm Kate.
    A Seeker.


  2. Pleasure to make your acquaintance, Kate. Like I said before, we're not that big yet, but if we can help people with much the better.

  3. Thanks for your help, guys.
    I appreciate it.