Sunday, February 6, 2011


Tyler's an idiot. He basically made that last post an "About us." Only without any info about us. Anyways, introductions are in order I suppose. I'm Jon. I'm what you would call the brains of this place. I keep the book where we have all of the information we've gathered. Names, behaviors, local sightings, etc. I suppose that's why Tyler(he's been kind of Title Happy since he started reading White Elephants...) decided to start calling me the keeper of truth.


Don't listen to him. I'm awesome. Anyways, I'm Tyler. Pretty much the De Facto leader here...uh...let's and Jon met back in Freshman year of high school, been pretty much inseparable since then. Especially since shortly before graduation, when our little...Problem started showing his face. I noticed him first, but Jon was the one who had heard of him before. Heh, he was convinced all this stuff was one big collaborative story or something. Anyways, we found more of us up and down the coast, so...yeah. I'll let our Keeper of Resistance take it from here. Warning you, he's paranoid.


Hey. Yeah, so I'm slide. I don't like putting my name on the internet, for a number of reasons. The Problem isn't the only one. Anyways, started seeing him back down in Cuba at first. He kept showing up in the plantation. One day I decided, I was out of there. Became a runner. But there's only so far you can run on an island. I found...ways to get here to America. Knew a little English from the pirate TV I kept down there, and picked up the rest in the year or two I was running. Bert found me hiding in one of those gutter things that go under the road. Think they're called culvert's or something? Anyway, me and him stuck together for about four months, then we fell in with these guys.


Hi. Name's Bert. I go to one of the local high schools still. I've decided I'm nt letting this Problem disrupt that. I may be in mortal danger, but I want to get a job when this is all done with. When, not if. Keep positive folks, we'll make it out of this. Anyways, yeah, found Slide a while ago, and he crashed in my garage. He's moved in with Jon and Tyler now, and I'm planning on doing the same once I graduate. It's a little weird, not being with the others all the time. But they say they've got me covered, and I believe them. I'm just...not sure what I can do for the rest of the group. I don't really have too many special skills. Tyler's been calling me "Keeper of the youth,"but I think that's just to make me feel better. It bugs me a little being three yearss younger than anybody else.


Hey guys! Angie here. I'm what Tyler calls "Keeper of Sanity." That's just his asshole way of saying I'm the only girl, and the boys would all go gay for each other if it weren't for me. Anyways, I'm Bert's older sister. Little prick got me dragged into this when he went and got himself Stalked. Decided I was the one to talk to about it, instead of the cops or some shit. But whatever, I'm over that now. As it stands, I'm living with Jon, Slide, and Tyler. We've got a nice little place over here on the Treasure Coast(Slide says not to get too specific...:p), and we're just...keeping an eye out. Things seem to be going okay for us...Jon says it's because we aren't showing as much fear. We've been...mostly Sane, I guess. Would we know it if we weren't? I don't know. But I feel fine, and they all say they do to, so take that for what you will. We'll update if anything new happens.

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  1. Yay, introductions! Now I can get to know you better!
    Heh, Angie...heh...
    Right, so, thanks for your help before. I think I'm safe now. We're going to...somewhere else. Jon's kind of like Slide. He doesn't want me giving out the location.
    Two things, Angie: I know how you feel. Danielle dragged me into this, too!
    Second: ...interesting ;)